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Medway - updates

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River Medway - P132 - Info Box - Medway VTS now operates remotely, still on VHF Ch74, but their phone number is 0151 949 6656. Sheerness office is still on 01795 596596. Delete the number for Medway Navigation Service. (May 2018)

Rochester to the M2 Bridge - P144 - text - Strood YC website is now at www.stroodyachtclub.jimdo.com (Apr 2017)

River Medway - Approaches - P132 - delete para - chimney now demolished. P133 - chartlet - delete Chy(244). See also North Kent Coast updates. (Sept 2016)

Medway Entrance to Stangate - P133 - note exclusion zone around LNG terminals is 150m if no tanker present, 250m if there is a tanker present (July 2016)

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 River Medway - Updates