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North Fambridge Yacht Station - P98 - right-hand text column - Non-resident boats visiting the Yacht Station will be directed to an online portal to pay for their visitor berthing; they will receive a unique access code for the gate that will work for the duration of their stay. In case of any problems, phone the Yacht Haven office. (Apr 2022)

Burnham Yacht Harbour - P95 - Info Panel - Chandlery: The chandlery has closed with no plans to re-open, although Marinestore still trades at Maldon and online. (Aug 2021)

Entry - P93 - text, 2nd para - 2nd sentence - amend to read “From the yellow Swallowtail No.1 (Fl.Y.5s), pass the Swallowtail No.2 (Fl.Y.10s), then through a gate formed by the Swallowtail No.3 (Fl(2)Y.10s) and the ……..” (June 2021) (Note: amended rolling road diagrams for Page 93 can be downloaded and printed from our Downloads page)

Approaches – P93 - text, 2nd para on page – we now advise NOT to cut the corner because of a dangerous obstruction. Instead, reach 001° meridian, then head S until the SW pillar buoy in the Raysand Channel bears SW. (Sept 2019)

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