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East Coast Pilot’ is the best-selling pilot book for the coast, rivers and creeks between Great Yarmouth and Ramsgate, now in its 4th Edition and written solely by us for all who cruise these waters, just as we do.

The web resource for  Imray’s

                  ‘East Coast Pilot’

- the first choice for East Coast cruising

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- local news items that affect pilotage and

Navigation around the ECP area.

Latest: Kingsferry Bridge closed.….…

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- keep your 4th Edition of ECP bang up to date with our unique service.

Most recent updates Feb 2017, Thames Barrier                                 test closure schedule.


- links to East Coast

weather information


- download and print chartlets of the Deben and Ore entrances that are created from the latest Trinity House surveys.

- download and print other useful diagrams for the East Coast.


- tidal predictions for East Coast locations.

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