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Welcome to the East Coast Pilot website

East Coast Pilot’ is a best-selling pilot book for the coast between Great Yarmouth (Lowestoft in earlier editions) and Ramsgate, now in its 4th Edition and written for all who cruise these waters for pleasure, by three people who do just that. On this website we publish any changes needed to keep your book up to date, and bring you other news and services that can help you enjoy this wonderful cruising ground.   

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Site last updated 20th May 2015

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Large Sunken Craft in East Swale, new nav buoy damaged (19th May 2015)

The tale of woe here continues. The sunken 50’ converted trawler west of the causeway at Harty Ferry, near the scrubbing posts, was recently marked with a new northerly cardinal buoy, called Uplees, lit Q, position 51° 21’.31N 000° 52’.69E. Only the whip aerial on the trawler’s wheelhouse is visible at HW. But now the topmark of the nav buoy has gone missing. Remember, it’s a Northerly cardinal !!

Thames Coastguard closing down soon (18th May 2015)

Thames Coastguard MRCC is closing down permanently during the first week in June. Details are included in the Fourth Edition of ECP - click HERE to read a copy of a letter sent out by the MCA.

River Roach - new buoyage (18th May 2015)

Four new buoys have been placed in the upper stretch of the Roach which should do a lot to help newcomers reach Rochford safely.  See our Roach updates page for details.

Hythe Quay, Maldon (updated 5th May 2015)

Early in 2014 we reported a significant subsidence problem at Hythe Quay. Approximately 25 metres of the quay face had slumped and given way and the Council had to take steps to reduce the threat to river users, visitors and berth holders by placing a temporary fence along the surface of the quay, and a dry dock was sunk in place alongside the seaward side of the collapse.

The situation is still the same and will remain so throughout Summer 2015, with works to refurbish the whole quayside now scheduled over winter 2015-16; with many barges to accommodate and the loss of one mooring tier, potential visiting yachtsmen are asked to make alternative arrangements for this season.  A number of the local boatyards have berths available and visitors are advised to make arrangements prior to arriving. The visitor pontoon is still usable at HW.

Kentish Flats Windfarm - work starting (3rd May 2015)

Work is getting underway on this windfarm to add 15 new turbines - an extra row along the south side, and two rows on the west side. Foundations are arriving and a large jack-up rig will be on site - keep well clear. Work will continue through to late summer this year.

New chartlet for Stone Point, Walton Backwaters (26th April 2015)

A new chartlet of the area around Stone Point, from a March 2015 survey by Harwich Harbour Authority, is now available on our downloads page by kind permission of the HM at Titchmarsh Marina.

New Chartlets for the Deben and Ore Entrances (8th April 2015)

Imrays have drawn new chartlets for the Deben and Ore river entrances based on the Trinity House surveys done during March. The chartlets have been approved by Trinity House and are only available on this website, via the Download button which appears on most pages . Note that the extra buoy at the Deben entrance that was placed for part of last summer is now a permanent feature, and is called ‘Knoll Spit’.

The buoy used as the Knoll Spit was previously the Horse buoy from just above Felixstowe Ferry, which will not be replaced.

We understand that the Deben may be surveyed again in 4-6 weeks’ time which may result in a change to this chartlet. We have added a precautionary note to the download about two shallow patches shown N of the Mid Knoll buoy. The HM suggests passing each buoy on its correct side 25 yards away.

Dredging at Ramsgate (7th April 2015)

Mariners are advised that the Grab Dredger ‘Mannin’ will be undertaking a dredging campaign within the Royal Harbour Entrance and West Marina at the Port of Ramsgate, from w/c 20th April until the end of May 2015.

The dredger will be monitoring Channel 14 and vessels are requested to pass at low speed.

Obstruction in Faversham Creek (27th February 2015)

Medway Ports advise that a report has been received of an unmarked obstruction in Faversham Creek close to the shore line between Buoys No.5 and No.7, in approximate position 51° 20’.193N 000° 54’.244E. Reports received have identified the obstruction as being near to the shore line and being submerged over mid to high tide times.

Foulger’s Gat buoyage - lighting changes (28th January 2015)

Around 27th February, the lights on the Long Sand Inner and Long Sand Outer buoys, marking the ends of Foulger’s Gat, will both be changed to ISO.2s. In addition the range of these lights, and the light on the Long Sand Middle buoy, will all be increased to 5M. This is a direct result of comments from the sailing community about visibility through the Gat.

Another sunken craft in the Medway area (19th October 2014)

A sunken workboat has been reported awash at her moorings adjacent to Hathaway Court on the east side of Tower Reach, in approximate position 51°23’.19N 000°29’.74E.

The sunken vessel is covered at high water. The position suggests the problem is opposite the S end of Strood YC’s pontoons. All vessels should navigate with caution in the vicinity.

Further buoyage changes in Sea Reach (20th Sept 2014)

Further adjustments to the buoyage have recently been made; details are shown on our Thames Updates page.

A New Light on the Backwaters (22nd August 2014)

The No.10 buoy, ‘Baines’, on Hamford Water at the junction with the Walton Channel, has been lit, Q.R.

New Nav Buoy at Maldon (3rd June 2014)

A new PHB has been installed adjacent to the promenade extension at Maldon, marked No.16, at 51⁰43’.647N 000⁰41’.906E.

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